Therapeutic Puppetry (TP)



 to this website on the therapeutic use of puppetry! 

The therapeutic use of puppetry is still quite much in its infancy, in some countries more than others. That´s why this page is created, as a kind of web-based ´playground´ where different therapeutic theories and techniques can meet and evolve. Psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, jungian, cognitive and narrative theory can stand side by side and be combined with techniques from art therapy, play therapy, drama therapy and psychodrama.  

To reach that goal it is of course necessary to make space for dialogue. That possibility is provided on Facebook. You are therefore encouraged to join the closed facebook group Therapeutic Puppetry, which already has about 230 participants worldwide. 

Finally: the puppeteer and occupational therapist Ingrid Lagerqvist is a source of inspiration and a great role model for combining puppetry and therapy. 

She became interested in drama, music therapy and puppetry early in life and was the child of Polish puppeteers. Hand- and paper puppets were her specialty working in the area  from 1951 until she passed away in Austria July 2003. 

From 1969 Ingrid was a co-founder of UNIMA-Sweden. Her work was mainly in schools for children with special needs, although she also worked in children´s hospitals and psychiatric wards. 

She especially emphasized the use of puppetry as a continuous method including the whole process from creation to play.

This website is made in Ingrid Lagerqvist´s honour. An everyday Hero crossing borders as well geographically, culturally and therapeutically. Read and Enjoy!