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Gary Friedman & Karrie Marshall in Gothenburg, Sweden

Lectures and workshops Sunday the 17´th and Monday the 18´th of November 2019 at Frölunda Cultural Center

Creating a sense of Belonging - puppetry for connecting beyond words 
Our sense of belonging can be threatened when we feel unsafe. This is the
experience of many people who live with a long term condition, such as dementia, or intellectual disability or mental ill health. The workshop will explore how we can use the arts and puppetry to create a sense of belonging. Participants will personalize glove puppets and create the spaces of belonging. No experience of art or puppetry is required. Participants: staff, family carers, artists and people living with long term conditions.

Workshop leader: Karrie Marshall, author of Puppetry in Dementia Care, has a
background in health and social care combined with puppetry. She founded Zenwing Puppets, a touring theatre company with partner Chris King. Karrie also founded Creativity In Care, a community arts organisation that uses inclusive and joyful approaches to wellbeing. She has developed several creative learning programmes for care staff, family carers and artists. Her work is recognised internationally. Karrie and Chris live in Scotland.

WORKSHOP II (13:30-16:30 hrs in "Stora salen"): 

Breath, Belief and Trust 

The spiritual connection between the puppeteer, the puppet and the audience. This serves equally for puppetry in therapy; puppetry in theatre and puppetry in education. When I speak to you, you look into my eyes. The eyes are often referred to as the ‘windows of the soul’. When a puppet moves and breathes, the audience are focused on the eyes, even if it might only be the shadows caused by the single spot light, which creates an illusion of eyes. This makes the little creature come alive for an audience. The eyes and breath together, give it life. The audiences’ belief of ‘alive’ must be sustained, even if the puppet stops moving or breathing. This can only be sustained for a short time. As soon as the belief dies, the puppet dies too.  

Workshop leader: Animator, puppeteer and film-maker, Gary Friedman, developed international adult-education puppetry and film projects based on HIV- AIDS, Democracy, Corruption, Abuse and Prisons work. See:

 Broken Puppet Symposium, UK

A Symposium on Puppetry: 

Community, Health, Wellbeing and Disability: Professional Training Opportunities 

at Newman University, 

Birmingham, England 17-18´th of April 2019 -  MORE INFO

Using Puppets with 
Children and Families 

in Diagnosis and Treatment

by Eleanor Irwin (PhD, RDT, TEP)

A lecture and a workshop the 16-17´th of June 2018. 



A 4-day workshop 

with psychologist and psychotherapist Gudrun Gauda

24-27´th of April 2014