Therapeutic Puppetry 
Empowering - Transformative - Healing


Master thesis Questionnaire 2019 
The form is meant for therapists to fill in together with their client in the termination phase of therapy. Puppets must have been used, at least a little, as a tool in treatment. Clients can see the 2 minute-video on link Client info if he / she wishes. You fill in one form for every included client. In the first form there are some questions that only needs to be filled in once. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to fill in. There is a 2 ½ minutes informational client video in the form.

Any therapist using puppets in treatment can participate together with their client/-s. We are very grateful for every form response we get. It will add on to the relatively poor knowledge in literature on this perspective. You can also share the link and password with colleagues.  

The questionnaire will preliminary be open until the end of this year 2019. 
Data is collected for a master thesis next year (2020). It aims to shed light on what clients find useful when working with puppets in therapy.

By clicking on the violet button QUESTIONNAIRE 2019 below you will enter a questionnaire. It is password protected, This means you have to contact us unless you do not have the password already. 

CONTACT: If you have questions or need password, feel free to e-mail Åsa Viklund at address or fill  in the contact sheet on this website. 

PHOTOS: We encourage you to e-mail pictures from the intervention, that you are willing to share in the thesis. It could be for example pictures of the used puppets. However do not send pictures where the client can be identified. 

ESSAY FROM 2017: For those who do not know, this study is in a way a follow up study on a psychotherapy essay written in 2017. The focus was clinicians, in this thesis focus is on how clients perceive being treated with puppets in therapy. You can download the essay from HERE